About Our Practice

Our practice includes all aspects of Family Medicine. We welcome all patients regardless of age, sex, or type of medical problem. We perform routine and emergency care of adults (including geriatrics), as well as children and newborns. We do minor surgery and orthopedics in the office, referring major surgery and severe fractures to the appropriate specialist. Whenever possible, we assist these other doctors in the operating room during your procedure, as well as help with your pre- and post-operative care.

Women’s health care is a focus for all of us, especially our two female Physician’s Assistants. This includes pap smears, birth control counseling, and treatment options for menopause. Finally, we provide both family and individual counseling, when it is requested or required. Dr. Patt has a special interest in smoking cessation.

We are all interested in teaching, and will frequently have medical students, physician assistant students, interns and residents spending time under our supervision.

What's New with AFMC

Flu shot walk-ins:

No Mondays unless seen for ofice visit

10:30am to 11:30am and 2:30pm to 4:30pm

Tuesday through Friday

Aurora Family Medicine Center 303-750-1920
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